DB24 Architecture

Do the right things, right.

Architecture for auotmated database operation


DB24 helps to monitor the company's valuable data to serve the organization and the business in order to prevent system downtime or inefficient resource use and instead achieves maximum control and stability for peace of mind. DB24 takes care of your databases, keeps them in order and creates logs and documents. Where other systems would only alarm, DB24 instead solves the problem. Regardless of whether there was an error or interruption in the middle of the night, DB24 makes sure that the backups are made.


This module is the ECG of the system. Just as each organ is crucial to the body's function and performance, each database in your system is crucial to your organization and the various teams' function and performance. DB24 always strives to let the databases be the best version possible so that the company can deliver the best customer experience - both internally and externally. Don’t let anything become an emergency again.


DB24 only takes a few hours to install. No new, complex programs will be implemented. DB24 operate with an extremely small footprint in your systems and require minimal resources. Nobody needs to be sent for training and no new hardware is needed. DB24 means simple, time-efficient implementation and installation of up to 1000 databases in one day, with preliminary start-up the next day. No binaries, agents or external scripting languages are used. Set and ready, forever.


DB24 strives to eliminate risks, ensure stability and automate routine activities to minimize human involvement in daily, weekly and annual database operations. With DB24, no worries truly mean no worries. Everything is checked, logged, monitored and remedied automatically. The company's management can rest assure and be confident that DB24 provides robust, reliable and future-proof database management. What a feeling.


DB24 thinks about WHAT to do, DB24 thinks about what to DO as well. Company expertise can therefore focus on learning from yesterday, acting today and improving for the future. With assistant intelligence, amplified intelligence and automated intelligence, you get AI in a different perspective than usual. Solve any problem faster with less human resources and prevent performance problems.


DB24 helps the company to understand its database infrastructure, provides the opportunity to make smarter choices and ultimately provide financial benefits. Turn potential big problems into big possible savings. Let DB24 free up working time for new opportunities in the business at the same time as the IT cost will be up to 60% lower in favor of other necessary IT investments.