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Why do it manually...

when DB24 does it better automatically?

Save time, Save money, Save trouble.

DB24 is a preemptive and omnipresent technology that automates the daily operations of SQL Databases.

DB24 provides control and peace of mind.

DB24 is created to help you avoid database related disasters due to lack of database control. We also help you decrease operational costs for your business.



We eliminate the risk of critical database disasters by automating database management. Let DB24 do the job for you.



Save time and money by eliminating risks and fortifying security. Achieve technical stability and move to the forefront of data management of your critical business data. Become the leader in efficient database management.


No trouble

No more time consuming database related disasters! DB24 proactively prevents these problems, giving you more time for your business.

DB24 transforms a universe of critical data into a world of usable and valuable intelligence.

The data stored in the database are invaluable. All operations depend on these data, and their losses are devastatingly expensive.

DB24 strives to eliminate the risks, ensure quality, automate chores, and minimize human involvement in the daily, weekly, and yearly optimization of database operations.

everyday, everytime, everywhere.

DB24 is a preemptive and omnipresent technology that works for your business anywhere, 24/7!

We support all major Microsoft SQL versions, automating its operations in both on-prem environment and Azure Cloud.


DB24 is an automation tool that fully manages your databases 24/7, making sure that no accidents occur on its watch.

Rest assured, DB24 will ensure a robust, trusted and futureproof database operation. Giving your company less administration, slimmer operations and improved datacenter utilization, resulting in an increase in your annual savings.

Save time. Save money. Save Trouble.

Most of today’s modern businesses have started to depend on databases to store information. It has become a critical part of their daily operations.

IT-Operations struggle with their day-to-day database management. Most of their efforts are spent fire-fighting incidents, managing backups and restoring data loss. Generally, operational controls are missing. It’s costly and requires unique skill sets. Costs escalate and become unpredictable. Until now!

Who controls ​your business data? ​

Most organisations assume they are in control of their data. Yet, we have seen too many disasters resulting from these assumptions, including devastating and expensive data losses.

What happens when your important data is made unavailable? For how long can your organisation function without your critical information system? With the robust, omnipresent and futureproof data management of DB24, your data and your organisation are safe and guarded.

Some DB24 customers

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Gällivare municipality


A world-class Arctic region, now also database management at the same level.

Gällivare's vision is to be a world-class Arctic region. This places demands on ecological, social and economic sustainability. DB24 ensures a robust, proven and future-proof database operation for Gällivare municipality as support for the business community in Gällivare to continue to be strong and successful.

Filipstad municipality


Filipstad trusts DB24

Filipstad has given DB24 the confidence to implement its unique automation technology that provides a secure and efficient handling of all their data by automating database operations instead of doing it manually by human hand-laying every day.

Västervik municipality


Västervik has decided!

The municipality of Västervik has now implemented DB24. Västervik's municipality realised that so much more in the daily manual work in database management could be automated. "Time is money" as they say, money and resources that can be spent on activities that create more value for the municipality's taxpayers.

Gnosjö municipality


In true "Gnosjö spirit" ...

Gnosjö municipality works to create a good business and work climate. They want the region to grow and all companies with it. Gnosjö is known for its special "Gnosjö spirit" and just like our spirit at DB24, it means an attitude about how to take on challenges and problems.

Tanum municipality


"By offering good service and quality of life in everything we do, we become more attractive - for both residents and business. Today and in the future."

The municipality of Tanum has now installed DB24 to ensure the daily operational activities to be available as critical for support, business advice, information and by creating forums for dialogue with authorities and with other companies and stakeholders.

PRESS / Partner

Maj 18 2021

World leading data platform firm join forces with automation pioneers from Gothenburg

Lucient, a world leading expert in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning has partnered with DB24 for its unique Database Management Technology that automates daily chores in SQL Server, that currently is performed manually.

Soltak AB


Soltak AB has 100% uptime of their database environment with DB24

The municipal operating company Soltak AB, which is responsible for Kungälv, Stenungsund's and Lilla Edet's IT environments, has since June 2019 had 100% uptime of its database environment with the help of DB24 automation tool.

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