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Why handle your databases manually...

when DB24 does it better automatically?

Save time, Save money, Save trouble.

DB24 is a preemptive and omnipresent technology that automates the daily operations of SQL Databases. In other words, DB24 automatically performs the right things right and handles approx. 30,000 routines and tasks on a 1000 databases during a week, without being dependant on human involvement. (as an example) DB24 helps protect your data and serve your most invaluable assets to your business. DB24 has delivered 100% uptime since 2019 to customers.



Save time with Intelligent AUTOMATION

DB24 does not fix errors, DB24 prevents errors from occurring . DB24 is a proactive technology that runs around the clock, all year round (365/24/7) . DB24 automatically performs all the work that would otherwise be performed by human resources. DB24 eliminates human dependancy in daily chores.​


Save money up to 60% of your current database management cost.

Save time and money by eliminating risks of downtime and increasing security in the same go. Let DB24 optimise/decrease you licence fee needs. Have your great DBA's doing great stuff instead, that add more value to your business. DB24 cost approx 25% of one FTE, but deliver thousands of more 'manhours' a human can bring.


Save yourself trouble - Have peace of mind.

DB24 does not fix errors, DB24 prevents errors from occurring ​ DB24 eliminates human dependancy in daily chores.​ With DB24 you achieve better technical performance, reliability and stability With DB24 you move to the forefront of database management of your critical business data.


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Gällivare municipality


A world-class Arctic region, now also database management at the same level.

Gällivare's vision is to be a world-class Arctic region. This places demands on ecological, social and economic sustainability. DB24 ensures a robust, proven and future-proof database operation for Gällivare municipality as support for the business community in Gällivare to continue to be strong and successful.

Filipstad municipality


Filipstad trusts DB24

Filipstad has given DB24 the confidence to implement its unique automation technology that provides a secure and efficient handling of all their data by automating database operations instead of doing it manually by human hand-laying every day.

Västervik municipality


Västervik has decided!

The municipality of Västervik has now implemented DB24. Västervik's municipality realised that so much more in the daily manual work in database management could be automated. "Time is money" as they say, money and resources that can be spent on activities that create more value for the municipality's taxpayers.

Gnosjö municipality


In true "Gnosjö spirit" ...

Gnosjö municipality works to create a good business and work climate. They want the region to grow and all companies with it. Gnosjö is known for its special "Gnosjö spirit" and just like our spirit at DB24, it means an attitude about how to take on challenges and problems.

Tanum municipality


"By offering good service and quality of life in everything we do, we become more attractive - for both residents and business. Today and in the future."

The municipality of Tanum has now installed DB24 to ensure the daily operational activities to be available as critical for support, business advice, information and by creating forums for dialogue with authorities and with other companies and stakeholders.

PRESS / Partner

Maj 18 2021

World leading data platform firm join forces with automation pioneers from Gothenburg

Lucient, a world leading expert in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning has partnered with DB24 for its unique Database Management Technology that automates daily chores in SQL Server, that currently is performed manually.

Soltak AB


Soltak AB has 100% uptime of their database environment with DB24

The municipal operating company Soltak AB, which is responsible for Kungälv, Stenungsund's and Lilla Edet's IT environments, has since June 2019 had 100% uptime of its database environment with the help of DB24 automation tool.


Want to know more about us and what DB24 can do?

We have put some nice videos and animations explaining all the benefits DB24 offer in terms of saving time, saving money and saving trouble in your daily database management operatons.


We ourselves have experienced the same feeling and heard it so many times. Traditionally, people are used to the fact that it takes a great deal of commitment and lots of time to implement IT solutions, programs and systems that will help organizations become more efficient in various ways.

That is why we have put a lot of effort into ensuring that this is NOT the case with DB24. It must simply be effective to streamline, otherwise it will not work. The whole idea of ​​DB24 is based on automating everything that takes time to do manually.

Also the installation. DB24 is installed in 1 day, even on the largest IT environments. The only effort required of you as a customer takes 1-2 hours, the rest is handled by the DB24 team and the technology.

Thus, no project managers, no time-consuming processes and no additional implementation costs are required. No one needs to be sent to training either.

After DB24 is installed, however, you have time to squeeze in more projects because you have more time for value creation and not fire extinguishing :-)

If you do not maintain and service your car regularly, later on the time will probably be longer and the cost will be greater in the workshop. If you are really unlucky, you may have to salvage the car as it suddenly stopped on the way to an important event. Same thing with databases.

It is probably wisest for anyone who has databases with valuable data for the business to have robust database handling. In fact, the entire value of many businesses is stored in the organization's databases, without anyone really looking after the databases. The reason is too often cost-related, but also a lack of competence.

With DB24, these reasons are gone. DB24 has a pricing model that fit small and gigantic organizations and companies.

DB24 works and is supported on all versions of SQL Server where Microsoft support still applies, ie the versions that have not gone out of support from Microsoft for many years. Look at life cycle information for products and services | Microsoft Docs

The pricing model for DB24 is based on the number of databases instead of the number of SQL Server or SQL instances - which distinguishes DB24 from other manual management solutions.

It is the databases that are worth to protect, not the server and also we strive to consolidate and streamline our customers' IT environments to save money and reduce hassle for them.

What DB24 costs depends on the number of databases. This cost is invoiced per month as a license fee.

We sell DB24 directly or through one of our partners. Feel free to contact us for more information about the product, price, agreement or other questions you have. We look forward to talking with you soon!

DB24 does not fix errors. DB24 prevents errors from appearing. DB24 is a proactive technology that through automation around the clock, all year round (365/24/7), does all the work that needs to be done daily.

Nothing is forgotten and everything is done compared to a human resource. With DB24 in place, your team works, as usual, with life cycle management, optimization, consolidation. The difference is that there is now more time to focus better on this!

DB24 has a portal to present information that DB24 collects. That information can be used to provide an overview of the SQL environment.

Today, many businesses have monitoring systems and case management systems, DB24 can integrate with both. The portal is primarily used by technicians for overall status, but also by the DB24 delivery team to be able to give recommendations and advice in strategic and tactical matters.

The DB24 Portal can be run both in its own data center environment but also as a cloud service via Microsoft Azure.

DB24 is both a product and a service.

DB24 is an advanced software (product) that we have developed and refined for 8 years and which we continuously develop and update.

In addition to the product technology, DB24 is a service where our central delivery team works with the SQL delivery so that it lives up to extremely high demands.

DB24 delivery team helps customers with all ITIL related work. "Incident & Problem" work is included in the service. Change work is not included, but we are available as a SQL partner/ advisor and have all knowledge of your systems at hand via DB24.

DB24 is installed as a database pair directly into SQL Server. One pair per instance, so we do not install binaries or files outside of SQL Server. From the beginning, designing DB24, this has been a clear requirement and delimitation for both efficiency and safety reasons.

DB24 takes great pride in the fact that the product and technology leave a minimal 'footprint' in the data center environment. An installation of DB24 does not take more space than 250 mb / instance.

DB24 only works with so-called metadata about the environment. This means that we NEVER touch data in the databases. No user data ever passes DB24.

Yes, of course, DB24 cares about both security and privacy. DB24 anonymises where necessary to comply with regulations and our built-in audit function makes it possible to strengthen protection from both integrity and security perspectives.

DB24 does not require its own firewall openings, those that MSSQL already has are sufficient, i.e. ports 1433 & 1434.

No, DB24 takes care of your entire SQL system. Automation technology ensures that everything is robust and stable, always and forever. (As long as DB24 is running on your system).

DB24's automation works in the SQL warehouse, i.e. we have no binaries outside of Microsoft SQL. This guarantees that DB24 not only provides a minimal 'footprint', but also a guarantee of maintained security.

Yes! DB24 logs in and can, if necessary, alert you to all authorization changes that are made in your environment. In addition to this, DB24's operations team works with you to continuously increase the security around the database delivery.

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