Get a grip on the situation – before it gets serious

DB24 is the multi-tool that manages your SQL databases so accident never happen. You don’t have to worry - and you save your company huge sums each year.


Why you need DB24

Databases are like plumbing; If there’s a leak, everything goes down the drain. And if it backs up, everything stops working. No company in the world has 100% control of their databases. And no company in the world can afford for their databases to slow, stop and crash. 

Of course, you can ignore the problem. Nothing has happened. Yet. 

DB24 is a digital multi-tool that gets rid of the risks and the worry. The tool is a workhorse, an administrator, an organizer and a security guard in one.

The benefits of DB24


No downtime or backup errors

DB24 takes care of your databases; it cleans, logs and makes backups that really work.


No training or heavy installation

DB24 takes us only a couple of hours to install and needs no training or hardware investment.


No sleepless nights or fire-fighting

DB24 does the job so that everyone in the company can instead earn more money and get more satisfied customers.



Fixes errors – and cleans up your databases

DB24 is a workhorse that takes care of your databases in a way that no human has the time or the capability to match. It is the smartest, most long-term solution you can imagine.



Makes backups that actually work

DB24 constantly looks to make backups that you can trust. So you can get rid of your other (expensive) backup licenses; DB24 is more than enough.



Logs everything – and keeps you in control

DB24 sounds the alarm as soon as there’s the smallest error – making it easy for you to detect and correct errors before they become a problem.


Yes, show me how DB24 can solve my problems before they even occur

If this is important to you: contact us for a meeting, where you'll see how DB24 takes your stress down to zero.


Today, you're almost certainly buying expensive licenses for fancy backup and anti-virus programs.

Those days are over. You can cancel ALL your backup licenses the moment DB24 starts working.

When we meet, we can explain why.